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  • The Great Conflict—A Bible Study for New Converts

    This follow-up Bible study on the Armor Of God is evangelistic-geared and new-convert driven. It helps them understand that there is a war within and without. This Bible study helps them to ward off worldliness and live an overcoming life.

    Both the salvation Bible study chart "Entrance into the Kingdom of God" and this follow-up chart "The Great Conflict" are unique in that they were written with simplicity in mind. Anyone can pick the teacher's manual and start teaching without intimidation. They have excellent graphics that speak on the subject, and four significant scriptures are written on each chart to make it easy to follow along and keep your student engaged. This also helps the Bible study teacher to stay on subject and on track.

    These lessons help the new believer understand that spiritual wickedness opposes them every step of the way. It also provides the necessary spiritual disciplines to overcome and obtain the promises of God.

    God bless you as you teach and equip new converts to become.

    Sincerely, Brother Michael Guerrero


    • Chart 1: Prepare for Battle!
    • Chart 2: The Belt of Truth
    • Chart 3: The Breastplate of Righteousness
    • Chart 4: Having Your Feet Shod
    • Chart 5: The Shield of Faith
    • Chart 6: The Helmet of Salvation
    • Chart 7: The Sword of the Spirit
    • Chart 8: Praying Always with all Prayer
  • Sale!
    The Premier Study Bible Companion Journal 216 lined journal pages with placeholder ribbon Beautiful cover to match your Legacy Premier Study Bible:
    • Platinum Goatskin with black foil
  • Sale!
    The Premier Study Bible Companion Journal 216 lined journal pages with placeholder ribbon Beautiful cover to go with your Premier Study Bible:
    • Black Leathersoft (faux leather) with gold foil
  • As this time-tested tool emphasizes, “Great children don’t just happen.” Helping Your Child Become has helped countless parents shape their children of all ages over the years. Not only is it a practical plan, but it also gives biblical support and reasoning behind God’s timeless principles of parenting. Helping Your Child Become ... Self-Controlled, Wise, and Responsible
    • 208 pages
    • Language: English
    • ISBN 978-1-952245-10-7
  • The Premier Study Bible

    $89 – $1,199

    NOTICE: All Premier Study Bibles are currently available.

    The Premier Study Bible: Second Edition This uniquely Pentecostal study Bible for the 21st Century, the Premier Study Bible accounts for several years of work from dozens of scholars, pastors, and teachers together from across North America to present a true, timeless, classic. This beautiful work will be a true treasure for any lover of the Bible.
  • Premier Study Bible-Spectrum Series

    The Premier Study Bible (Second Edition)
    • Leathersoft Cover (faux leather)
    • 6 Styles to choose from
    • Ribbed Spine
    • 2 Ribbons
    • 90 Day Warranty
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    The Premier Study Bible (Second Edition)
    • Genuine Cowhide Cover
    • 2 Colors to choose from
    • Ribbed Spine
    • 2 Ribbons
    • 90 Day Warranty
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    Legacy Platinum The Premier Study Bible (Second Edition)
    • Premium Sokoto Goatskin Cover
    • Numbered, Limited Edition
    • Color: Platinum
    • Ribbed Spine
    • 5 Ribbons
    • 1 Year Warranty
    Premier Study Bible Second Edition Text (All versions): ISBN 9781404108820 Variation ISBNs: Legacy non-index: ISBN 9780310637233 Legacy index: ISBN 9780310637240
  • Insignia Collection Custom Bibles The Premier Study Bible (Second Edition)
    • Premium Grade A Leathers
    • Handcrafted, Edge-lined Binding
    • Leather Liner
    • Premium Leatherette End Sheets
    • Over 20 Leather/Color Options
    • Ribbed Spine (varies)
    • 5 Ribbons
    • Full Yapp option
    • Name Stamping option
  • Includes Six Volumes in One Book!
    1. Theology
    2. Christology
    3. Pneumatology
    4. Soteriology
    5. Anthropology
    6. Ecclesiology
    There is no book like the Bible and no subject more entrancing than Theology. Dealing in a profound manner with subjects of importance to all humans, the Bible uniquely towers above all others in a seminal fashion. It is derived from beyond the terrestrial perspective, from heaven, and therefore has a celestial imprint, “seeing from above.” Answers to the dilemma of human fallenness cannot be extrapolated out of the dilemma itself. Like the physical earth, light and life are not sourced therein, but are, rather, derived from a source outside themselves. This is true not only of physical light but also spiritual and intellectual light from which comes “enlightenment.” Herein is found the most sacred value of theology, and the Bible, which, indeed, is holy. Systematic Theology simply means that every scriptural address will be researched of a particular biblical subject. This information is not simply gathered and collated but is deeply researched in order to develop a comprehensive explanation of that subject in all of its meanings and nuances. Knowing theology is crucial to providing safe and sound guidance to God’s people. False or spurious doctrines have serious, and oftentimes, devastating consequences. Knowing the basic theology of the Bible is a must for the church. This book is the first of a two-part set. The second, Apostolic Pentecostal Theology, was published prior to this one. To the publisher’s knowledge, this set is the most comprehensive treatment of core apostolic theology that is available anywhere. With that said, there is much more in the wonderful world of apostolic theology than what is contained herein. May this book be, at least, a stimulus to the reader’s own quest for knowing God.
    • 544 pages
    • Release Date: Summer, 2022
    • Language: English
  • Biblically Sound, Historically Effective, and Purely Apostolic Material (Includes 78 Lessons)

    The demand for this content has lead to its translation into many languages. This material has been so effective that the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship has purchased the rights to make it available in this new format to be used throughout the world as a primary teaching resource.

    Unlimited Uses

    • Bible School Curriculum
    • Pastoral midweek series
    • New converts’ courses
    • Family Bible studies
    • Individual study
    • and More

    Includes Topics Such As

    • Salvation
    • The Godhead
    • How to Study the Bible
    • Prayer & Fasting
    • Tithing
    • Life and Death
    • Holy Living
    • Scriptural Priorities
    • Faith
    • Much More

    Unprecedented Value

    Portions of this material was originally sold as Christian Development Series Volumes 1 & 2 in 3-ring binders and sold for $80. Now, a 3rd volume has been introduced and all of the material has been restructured into a powerful tool for learning and teaching foundational Apostolic principles. All of this consolidated material can now be purchased as a beautiful hardbound book or ebook. Hardcover: ISBN 978-0-9717739-8-1 Ebook: ISBN 978-0-9717739-8-1
  • Casting Your Net: A Straightforward Approach to Evangelism through Bus Ministry Who will make a difference in the children’s lives of your city? Who will love and reach out to these vulnerable and unprotected ones? Who will give these young souls a chance to eternal life? Who will make an imprint upon their lives before the world does? These are questions the church is confronted with and should be. Who will it be, if not you? The Guerrero family, with countless others, have tirelessly cast their nets in confidence that the Gospel and the baptism of the Holy Ghost will make the difference. Trusting in God’s infinite wisdom that the seed sown in every little life gives them a saving chance that they would never have had if it wasn’t for an old rugged bus.
    • Release Date: April, 2022
  • Out of stock
    Redemptive Lift by James Tim Merritt, D.Min. “Pastor Tim Merritt demonstrates true insight into spiritual leadership. This book teaches all of us how to connect with God’s divine purpose and then how we can transfer redemptive leadership to others so they can also be connected to God’s will. Starting with Adam and passing through generations of biblical examples to Jesus Christ, the same principles apply to us in this twenty-first century. We are instructed on how to bring our bodies and minds into submission to God’s perfect plan so we can be effective in our world today. Pastor Merritt emphasizes that leadership in the local church must be Spirit-filled so that people can be led into a true relationship with Almighty God. This is a must read!” —Rev. Kenny Godair, Executive Director for the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship
  • Premier Study Bible-Kine

    Second Edition—Expected in Fall 2022 By purchasing this item, you will be supporting ministries around the world.

    The Insignia Collection: Kine Full Grain Cowhide

    Handcrafted for a Lifetime

    • Outer Cover Leather: Premium Full Grain Cowhide
    • Cover Color Options: Various
    • Liner Leather: Kidskin
    • Liner Color: Black
    • Perimeter Stitch: Matching colors
    • Spine Design: 5 Raised Ribs
    • Spine Stamping: Deboss + Gold
    • Ribbons: 4 matching multi-color
    • Yapp Options: Standard, Full
    • Binding: Edge-Lined

    Note: The estimated turnaround for Custom Bibles is 6-8 weeks from your order date. However, times may be longer depending on current volume of orders. (call for details.)


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