We offer a variety of file types for our ebooks. The file type that you use will depend on the device you intend to use to read your ebook.

Compatibilities with MOBI / AZW3 files:

  • Kindle Devices
  • Kindle Reader software

Compatibilities with ePub and PDF files:

  • ePub and PDF files are are compatible with virtually any device (readers/mobile devices/computers) other than Kindle Devices.
  • Android
  • iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
  • Kindle (PDF only)
  • Kobo Reader
  • Mac Computers
  • Nook
  • Sony Readers
  • Windows Computers
  • Windows Phone
  • Other devices and software
*additional (free) software may be required on some devices to read ePub and PDF files.

ePub vs. PDF ebooks:

Our ePub books are flexible formatted so that they will automatically change the layout based on the type and size of your reader. ePub readers are made for ebooks so they usually have more reading features than PDF readers, such as night mode and the ability to change fonts, text size and layout orientation.

Our PDF ebooks are fixed formatted so that they will appear on the screen just like their printed counterpart. Because of this, PDF files are not recommended for screen sizes that are smaller that the printed book size, especially phones.