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    There is no model for leadership and ministry which is more impacting than Jesus Christ. In seeking to understand the process by which biblical leadership formation takes place, it is to Him that this book turns. In a time when many leaders are adrift and seeking substantive direction, Jesus Christ continues to give direction to those who seek Him. Written primarily for those entering ministry, it has proven to be of significant value to all who are in positions of spiritual leadership. The content is timeless and is designed to be read and re-read. The Man of God and His Work is right on time!
  • Reading the Bible is an important and exciting adventure. The reader is entranced in becoming acquainted with its stories and its basic teaching. However, in reading (and re-reading) book after book, patterns begin to emerge. Certain events and people are given special emphasis. Some things are repeated and carried through from one story to the next. After a while, instead of looking at each "piece" separately, one becomes aware that there is an underlying movement shadowing each story and event which then moves toward a predetermined end. The reader finally realizes that the many stories are really one story–with each story adding its part to the whole as it moves toward a mighty, climactic conclusion. This book is about recognizing how these events and pieces fit together to form a divine, mosaic prism through which the light of revelation falls upon human understanding. Grasping the epochal shifts discussed in this book is absolutely a prerequisite to understanding the great underlying message of the Bible.

    Topics Discussed

    • Part 1. Ages
    • Part 2. Dispensations
    • Part 3. Covenants
    • Part 4. Discussion of Dispensations
  • This is the book which goes beyond theory and principles. This book plunges deeply into the arena of the universal, the unseen, the spiritual. This is where highest level leadership begins. If you have the courage, Ultimate Leadership is for you. to the Bible, this book is the most powerful book I have ever read.
    Pat Bollmann, M.A., St. Louis , MO
    I have listened to these CDs no less than fifty times. It is so rich that I learn something new and applicable each time I listen. Rev. D. R. Columbus, Georgia
    In this book, you will find that Nathaniel Wilson not only addresses the need for articulate and skilled ministers, but also explains the difference between the systems of the world and Gods spiritual kingdom. The Defining Moment is a must read. It will revolutionize your ability to lead men and women. Kenneth F. Haney - General Superintendent United Pentecostal Church, International ISBN: 978-0-9717739-1-2
  • In the book Apostolic Identity and Integrity: Studies for Spiritual Enrichment, the author endeavors to inspire, encourage, and challenge Apostolic Pentecostals. She explores relevant topics from an Apostolic perspective using scripture and Biblical examples as a foundation to provide opportunities for spiritual development. To accentuate two critical components of our relationships with God, each other, and the world at large, the book is thematically categorized into two parts: Identity and Integrity. Paperback ISBN 9780999344781 ePub and Kindle versions available: Click here for a description of the different ebook file formats
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    “Power to Become is teeming with profound and life-changing ideas. It is not only a tool but a powerful seed with the potential to transform both teacher and student alike, when planted in the fertile soil of an open mind and spirit. The book epitomizes what it is that makes man unique from the rest of creation: the God-like ability to not only accurately identify the current state and what is, but to point to and illuminate the future possibilities and what can be. The principles and ideas here are rooted in ultimate truths that transcend a “paint by the numbers”, “how-to” guide, and imbues the reader’s mind and soul with organic materials which can be consistently yet uniquely reproduced in diverse settings. The author carefully charts the course for the reader from potential to actualization which can be traversed by any willing vessel.” Terrell McCants, Esq. Teacher in Developing the Difference youth ministry "Having spent the majority of my developmental years as a student of the ideas found in Power to Become, I can unequivocally say that there is transformative power in both principle and application. I was eleven years old when I was first introduced to Developing the Difference classes and slowly began to watch myself grow as a disciple and follower of Christ. With core concepts like integrity, maximizing potential, and carving out a personal prayer life, I witnessed a shift in our church's youth group to one with immense positive peer pressure. I watched firsthand, both through observation and experience, as these ideas were implemented, bringing actualization of our God-given calling and potential. Power to Become is more than just an inspirational manual for burgeoning leadership; it is the story of the encounter that both saved me and launched me, as well as countless others." Matt Wood, B.A, Student/Teacher in Developing the Difference youth ministry "Power to Become, is an overview of the developmental process for pre teens through young adults that has been framed and implemented by the pastoral and leadership staff at New Life Church, Birmingham Al. This first volume is not scope and sequence. It is not a packaged program. This manual is an attempt to capture the primary theological and philosophical underpinnings of proven, fruitful process. The compiled sources are diverse and are utilized because they tap into universal and ultimate truths first expressed in God’s word. I commend Stephen Collins and his Developing the Difference crew, who have produced a worthy resource that will equip emerging leaders as they do the good work of developing the God given potential latent in all young people.  Barry Sutton, MA Pastor, New Life Church
  •   The Writings is a compilation of articles written in the span of a decade by author Larry L. Booker. Now, for the first time, these writings are bound together in this single volume. The author’s easy-to-read style is “down to earth,” yet deeply thought-provoking and inspirational. But, no matter which of the wide array of topics, all the teachings found within are based entirely on solid biblical principles. 
    • 175 pages (Hardcover version)
    • Release Date: March 2020
    • Language: English
    • ISBN 978-1-952245-02-2
  • The first verse in the Bible speaks of a Creator affectionately known as “God.” The last verse contains a “Lord” whose name is “Jesus Christ.” Between Genesis 1:1 and Revelation 22:21, there are 31,100 verses that prove “God” and “Jesus Christ” are the same deity. All 31,102 verses are God-inspired; therefore, the study of them will open our understanding to who He is. The Word Is Still God is a resource that pulls its material from the source: God’s Word. It is a book that will introduce you to the Father, who is above all as the Supreme Spirit, the Son, who was through all as the Spirit manifested in flesh, and the Holy Ghost, who is in you all as the Spirit of infilling. Unlike many agendas of man, The Word Is Still God, does not accept these three manifestations of the Spirit as separate persons, but it shows how the Bible is replete with proof which declares them to be the same deity.  
  •   Dreams. Dreams that end in failure. Broken pieces. Shards. Once seen as stellar, the ambition now shouts of the hopeless. But! The author does not allow this fresh new work to linger there, rather, with brisk, practical writing she takes you to the world of the thriving, the sphere of the ones who scooped up the shards, the arena of those who sighted a new target and who took fresh aim. Shirley Buxton’s telling of contemporary, biblical, and other historical accounts is exhilarating—told in her unique way. Let this book help you. Extend yourself one more time, dream one more vision, and finally, you will grasp that longed-for success.
    • 160 pages
    • Release Date: July 1, 2020
    • Language: English
  • The story of the tempestuous journey of a lost drug teen of the 60's whose search for true identity and purpose lead to the most unexpected turning point.
  •   This thesis presents the history of Oneness Pentecostalism in the Philippines for the first time. It traces the origins, development and current state of this movement. This work will attempt to supply that information, and do so in a manner that recognizes the vital roles of the Filipinos. It argues that schism within the movement was unavoidable due to historical and cultural predispositions of the Filipinos when combined with the paternal methods of the missionaries, and the schismatic nature of Pentecostalism. Important leaders are examined and presented with heretofore-unpublished details of their lives and works, including missionaries and national leaders such as Diamond A. Noble and Wilde Almeda. Some of the many organizations are studied from the perspective of schism and success, and a summary of the entire movement is offered with an analysis as to why people have migrated into it and within it. It attempts to present a way of understanding Oneness Pentecostalism in the Philippines through the examination of schism; understanding that may contribute to a global understanding of the Oneness movement, or even of Pentecostalism as a whole. 
    • 271 pages
    • Release Date: March, 2020
    • Language: English
    • ISBN 978-1-952245-00-8
  • The Way of Truth by Robert L. Geans, Sr. This first volume of It’s A Good Life, Living for the Lord series, is easy to pick up and enjoy short, refreshing, teachings within minutes. Written over several decades, Robert Geans, Sr. offers 162 biblically sound lessons that can be used for teaching, learning, or spiritual enrichment daily. Categories include: Calvary, Prayer, Repentance, New Birth, Faith, The Name, The Word, The Church, Holiness, The Rapture, and more.
    • 280 pages
    • Release Date: July, 2020
    • Language: English
    • ISBN 978-1-952245-05-3
  • As this time-tested tool emphasizes, “Great children don’t just happen.” Helping Your Child Become has helped countless parents shape their children of all ages over the years. Not only is it a practical plan, but it also gives biblical support and reasoning behind God’s timeless principles of parenting. Helping Your Child Become ... Self-Controlled, Wise, and Responsible
    • 208 pages
    • Language: English
    • ISBN 978-1-952245-10-7
  • Walking In Truth by Robert L. Geans, Sr. This second volume of It’s A Good Life, Living for the Lord series, is easy to pick up and enjoy short, refreshing, teachings within minutes. Written over several decades, Robert Geans, Sr. offers 180 biblically sound lessons that can be used for teaching, learning, or spiritual enrichment daily. Categories include: Encouragement, Freedom, Love, Marriage, Wisdom, Parenting, Peace, Praise & worship, Righteousness, Thanksgiving, Abundant Life, and more.
    • 292 pages
    • Release Date: May, 2021
    • Language: English
    • ISBN 978-1-952245-13-8
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    The Premier Study Bible Companion Journal 216 lined journal pages with placeholder ribbon Beautiful cover to match your Legacy Premier Study Bible:
    • Platinum Goatskin with black foil
  • Apostolic Pentecostal Theology by Nathaniel J. Wilson, Ed.D   The intended audience for this book is those interested in things biblical and, more specifically, Pentecostal. The effort here is to extend existing understandings of long-held and known truths. A primary premise is the belief that Pentecostal theology is divinely suited for a post-modern world. Also emphasized is that spirituality is a distinctly Christian concept. Spirit-infilling, anointing, guidance, empowerment, and the supernatural are manifestations of the living Christ in His church, ministering and acting in the world. The Bible is activated by spiritual encounter between the reader and living message of the book. It is this living relationship that imbues “experience” with a dignity not found in a theology based on sterile rationality. While often held in suspicion in evangelical theology, experience, encounter, and relationship lie at the core of not only Pentecostal theology but of the message of the Bible. Finally, a key premise is that all theology leads to a call to every individual to spiritual formation and development of leadership for ministry. The “golden thread” which is woven through every part of the book is thus action—highly effective, transcendent, leadership action by every Spirit-filled believer. The idea is that every individual believer is intended by God to be filled with Pentecostal power in becoming an anointed, graceful, empowered leader. Thus, if this book is to qualify as a theology book it does so first and foremost as a book that explores a Theology of Human Spirituality and Biblical Leadership.
    • Release Date: September 6, 2016
    • Language: English


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