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Power To Become by Steven Collins (Paperback)


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“Power to Become is teeming with profound and life-changing ideas. It is not only a tool but a powerful seed with the potential to transform both teacher and student alike, when planted in the fertile soil of an open mind and spirit. The book epitomizes what it is that makes man unique from the rest of creation: the God-like ability to not only accurately identify the current state and what is, but to point to and illuminate the future possibilities and what can be. The principles and ideas here are rooted in ultimate truths that transcend a “paint by the numbers”, “how-to” guide, and imbues the reader’s mind and soul with organic materials which can be consistently yet uniquely reproduced in diverse settings. The author carefully charts the course for the reader from potential to actualization which can be traversed by any willing vessel.”

Terrell McCants, Esq.
Teacher in Developing the Difference youth ministry

“Having spent the majority of my developmental years as a student of the ideas found in Power to Become, I can unequivocally say that there is transformative power in both principle and application. I was eleven years old when I was first introduced to Developing the Difference classes and slowly began to watch myself grow as a disciple and follower of Christ. With core concepts like integrity, maximizing potential, and carving out a personal prayer life, I witnessed a shift in our church’s youth group to one with immense positive peer pressure. I watched firsthand, both through observation and experience, as these ideas were implemented, bringing actualization of our God-given calling and potential. Power to Become is more than just an inspirational manual for burgeoning leadership; it is the story of the encounter that both saved me and launched me, as well as countless others.”

Matt Wood, B.A,
Student/Teacher in Developing the Difference youth ministry

“Power to Become, is an overview of the developmental process for pre teens through young adults that has been framed and implemented by the pastoral and leadership staff at New Life Church, Birmingham Al. This first volume is not scope and sequence. It is not a packaged program. This manual is an attempt to capture the primary theological and philosophical underpinnings of proven, fruitful process. The compiled sources are diverse and are utilized because they tap into universal and ultimate truths first expressed in God’s word. I commend Stephen Collins and his Developing the Difference crew, who have produced a worthy resource that will equip emerging leaders as they do the good work of developing the God given potential latent in all young people. 

Barry Sutton, MA
Pastor, New Life Church

In stock

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Table of Contents:

Introduction: State of the Union
Part I: The Ideal
Chapter 1: Potential
Chapter 2: Environment
Chapter 3: Ecosystem
Part II: The Manifestation
Chapter 4: Actualization
Chapter 5: Pattern
Chapter 6: Process
Chapter 7: Product
About the Team: Developing The Difference Youth Ministry

ISBN 9788999344743

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