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The Premier Study Bible-Numbered, Limited Edition


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(6 customer reviews)

NOTE: If this item shows “out of stock,” as of this message, we still have a few Limited Edition Bibles that are being held for replacements. We will release a very limited number per month until they are gone. If you would like to be put on the waiting list, please call or email. 

The Premier Study Bible–Limited Edition.

—Navy blue Moroccan leather (goatskin). After all Limited Edition Bibles are sold, this collector’s item will never be printed again.

This uniquely Pentecostal study Bible for the 21st Century, the Premier Study Bible accounts for several years of work from dozens of scholars, pastors, and teachers together from across North America to present a true, timeless, classic. This beautiful new work will be a true treasure for any lover of the Bible.

Out of stock



  • Extensive commentary on the Bible
  • Thorough, conservative introductions to each book of scripture, with the latest scholarship incorporated
  • Introductions to the Old and New Testament, and an expansive history between the testaments
  • Harmony of the Gospels
  • The latest archaeological discoveries interspersed throughout the text
  • Center-column reference system, with difficult words defined
  • Unique concordance keyed to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words
  • Topical index
  • Dozens of character studies throughout the Bible
  • Theological articles on vital scriptural themes
  • In-text maps and charts
  • Full-color maps in back
  • Red letters for words spoken by Jesus
  • Finest construction
  • A truly beautiful Bible

Other Details:

  • 9 pt. scripture text / 8 pt. commentary
  • 2038 pages
  • Smyth sewn
  • Bible size (without packaging): 6.5″ x 9.75″ x 1.625″
  • 4 multi-colored ribbon markers
  • Printed by Thomas Nelson (world’s largest Bible publisher)

Contributors Include:

  • Nathaniel Wilson
  • Steven Waldron
  • Johnny King
  • Rick Treece
  • Stephen Allard, Sr.
  • Jennifer Barrett
  • Chelsea Hall
  • C. Myles Young
  • Karissa King
  • Jeremy Wilbanks
  • Paul Baumeister
  • Jesse Galindo
  • Larry Booker
  • Dean Anderson
  • Timothy Massengale
  • Kenneth Bow
  • Adam King
  • Nathaniel Urshan
  • Caleb Adams
  • Kelly Nix
  • Barton Adkins

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.5 × 2 in
Author (or © holder)

Apostolic Publishers International





6 reviews for The Premier Study Bible-Numbered, Limited Edition

  1. TB

    My bible just arrived. It is beautiful, I am excited to start reading it!

  2. RevRichmond (verified owner)

    There is simply no better Bible in the world. Literally. Truly done with excellence and spirit-led composition. – RevRichmond #TA3C

  3. Robert G (verified owner)

    This is the finest bible I have owned or handled- in every aspect. I have had this bible for a couple of months now and have read many of the articles, commentary notes and cross references. I am very thankful for a bible with notes that reinforce sound biblical doctrine rather than “historical Christianity.” The print is clean and refreshing, especially when I refer back to older bibles after reading from this one.
    The Moroccan leather is beautiful and the Bible is well constructed. I do not like writing notes and highlights in multiple bibles so this has become my personal reading, study and preaching bible- the 4 ribbon markers are extremely useful for marking multiple passages for preaching and teaching.
    Having been a ministry-long user of the Thompson bible, I would not want a bible without a chain reference system, and this one does not disappoint.
    I can only think of 3 things I would like to see in addition to its features:
    -blank pages for notes
    -pronunciation symbols for names and locations
    -paragraph markers where new paragraphs begin
    The limited edition numbering appears to have been written with a cheap ball point pen- this would have been nicer with a permanent marker in calligraphy.
    All in all- this bible is an absolute treasure that I believe will stand the test of time. This will be my primary use bible for years to come. God bless all who had a hand in producing this!

  4. James

    I spent the big money on this Bible because I had purchased the Apostolic Study Bible by Word Aflame and was dissatisfied with the quality of the leather and binding as well as the gold on the pages. I have been watching for this Premier Study Bible for over a year and was really excited when it came out. Just got it in the mail yesterday and I was struck by the way the pages all stick together like some of the lower end Nelson Bibles. $230 is a lot to spend for it not to be the quality I was expecting. I will keep the Bible for the notes and as a collector’s item, but I was really hoping for better quality. I really appreciate that you all worked so hard on this! As I reflect on all of my complaints, I realize how blessed I am to be able to read the Word. Thanks again for all the effort in making a great Apostolic Bible!

    • admin

      Thank you for your feedback. It is normal for pages to hold together from the page trimming. We have not had complains about this issue. However, if your pages are actually sticking together, this sounds like a defect. If this is the case, please contact us and we will be happy to replace the Bible for you.

  5. Kim (verified owner)

    My husband and I were financially blessed with the ability to each afford this excellent bible. I was most impressed with the font and coloring of the Books headings. I love the 4 ribbon book markers, and wish it were standard for all bibles. I have enjoyed the study part, but was disappointed in some errors. On page 92 the description of ‘live birth abortion’ was upsetting, as there is no such thing. It’s a terminology used by satan to omit the sixth commanment of: Thou shalt not kill. Page 101,103, and 106 name false gods and I immediatly thought of Ex. 23:13! Page 118 has a duplicate sentence. Typo on page 139: ‘be’ should read ‘he’. The outside binding has scuff marks (only one of the two had scuff marks). Pages looked like they were hung in the assembly line at some point, and crinkled a couple pages. I know errors happen, but I would think for the amount of money spent on this Bible, it would be in pristene condition, with accurate proof reading (both Bibles have the same typos). I believe if it would’ve been printed in the USA, it would have been treated with more care in the making. All in all I appreciate the work put into this Bible and enjoyed its study content. I would rate this 5, if not for the typos.

    • admin

      Thank you for your feedback. We value customer feedback very highly.
      1. Defective Bibles: Since one of the Bibles you received is defective, we would like to exchange it for you for a new Bible. Please contact us at with your order number.
      2. Regarding errors: The editors have taken painstaking effort to eliminate typos from this vast amount of commentary (over 750,000 words) written by many contributors, but a few were missed. Since this is the first edition, the editors are tracking errors so they can make corrections for future editions. We have taken note of the comments and typos that you have pointed out. Thank you again!

  6. Jeremy Allen

    I bought this bible on the advice of a friend. I do love it, however the cover is very fragile. If anything besides fingers touch it, no matter how gently it marks it. They actually replaced the first one I received as it arrived with marks already on the cover. This second one has marks as well. I hate to assume that is just the type of leather? Seemed like a lot to pay for something that has not held up as well as the cheaper version.

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