The Great Conflict—A Bible Study for New Converts

This follow-up Bible study on the Armor Of God is evangelistic-geared and new-convert driven. It helps them understand that there is a war within and without. This Bible study helps them to ward off worldliness and live an overcoming life.

Both the salvation Bible study chart “Entrance into the Kingdom of God” and this follow-up chart “The Great Conflict” are unique in that they were written with simplicity in mind. Anyone can pick the teacher’s manual and start teaching without intimidation. They have excellent graphics that speak on the subject, and four significant scriptures are written on each chart to make it easy to follow along and keep your student engaged. This also helps the Bible study teacher to stay on subject and on track.

These lessons help the new believer understand that spiritual wickedness opposes them every step of the way. It also provides the necessary spiritual disciplines to overcome and obtain the promises of God.

God bless you as you teach and equip new converts to become.

Sincerely, Brother Michael Guerrero


  • Chart 1: Prepare for Battle!
  • Chart 2: The Belt of Truth
  • Chart 3: The Breastplate of Righteousness
  • Chart 4: Having Your Feet Shod
  • Chart 5: The Shield of Faith
  • Chart 6: The Helmet of Salvation
  • Chart 7: The Sword of the Spirit
  • Chart 8: Praying Always with all Prayer