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The Man of God and His Work by Nathaniel J. Wilson, Ed.D


There is no model for leadership and ministry which is more impacting than Jesus Christ. In seeking to understand the process by which biblical leadership formation takes place, it is to Him that this book turns. In a time when many leaders are adrift and seeking substantive direction, Jesus Christ continues to give direction to those who seek Him. Written primarily for those entering ministry, it has proven to be of significant value to all who are in positions of spiritual leadership. The content is timeless and is designed to be read and re-read. The Man of God and His Work is right on time!




Part I: Where it All Begins
Chapter 1: Finding Yourself: A Personal Testimony
Chapter 2: Sent as He is Sent
Chapter 3: What Did He Mean, “Occupy Till I Come?”

Part II: The Government of God
Chapter 4: General Government
Chapter 5: Principles of God’s Government

Part III: The Church of God
Chapter 6: God’s Use of Analogies
Chapter 7: The Church is Like: A Great Work of Art
Chapter 8: The Church is Like: A Fine Building
Chapter 9: The Church is Like: A Bride
Chapter 10: The Church is Like: A Gathering Place
Chapter 11: The Church is Like: A Power Company
Chapter 12: The Church is Like: A Fountainhead
Chapter 13: The Church is Like: A Shepherd and His Flock
Chapter 14: Conclusion: The Necessity of Experience

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Wilson, Nathaniel J.


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