The first verse in the Bible speaks of a Creator affectionately known as “God.” The last verse contains a “Lord” whose name is “Jesus Christ.” Between Genesis 1:1 and Revelation 22:21, there are 31,100 verses that prove “God” and “Jesus Christ” are the same deity. All 31,102 verses are God-inspired; therefore, the study of them will open our understanding to who He is.

The Word Is Still God is a resource that pulls its material from the source: God’s Word. It is a book that will introduce you to the Father, who is above all as the Supreme Spirit, the Son, who was through all as the Spirit manifested in flesh, and the Holy Ghost, who is in you all as the Spirit of infilling. Unlike many agendas of man, The Word Is Still God, does not accept these three manifestations of the Spirit as separate persons, but it shows how the Bible is replete with proof which declares them to be the same deity.