This is the book which goes beyond theory and principles. This book plunges deeply into the arena of the universal, the unseen, the spiritual. This is where highest level leadership begins. If you have the courage, Ultimate Leadership is for you.

…next to the Bible, this book is the most powerful book I have ever read.
Pat Bollmann, M.A., St. Louis , MO
I have listened to these CDs no less than
fifty times. It is so rich that I learn something
new and applicable each time I listen.
Rev. D. R. Columbus, Georgia

In this book, you will find that Nathaniel Wilson not only addresses the need for articulate and skilled ministers, but also explains the difference between the systems of the world and Gods spiritual kingdom. The Defining Moment is a must read. It will revolutionize your ability to lead men and women.
Kenneth F. Haney – General Superintendent
United Pentecostal Church, Internationa