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The Premier Study Bible

$89 – $1,199

(17 customer reviews)

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The Premier Study Bible: Second Edition

This uniquely Pentecostal study Bible for the 21st Century, the Premier Study Bible accounts for several years of work from dozens of scholars, pastors, and teachers together from across North America to present a true, timeless, classic. This beautiful work will be a true treasure for any lover of the Bible.

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  • Extensive commentary on the Bible
  • Thorough, conservative introductions to each book of scripture, with the latest scholarship incorporated
  • Introductions to the Old and New Testaments, and an expansive history between the testaments
  • Harmony of the Gospels
  • The latest archaeological discoveries interspersed throughout the text
  • Center-column reference system, with difficult words defined
  • Unique concordance keyed to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words
  • Topical index
  • Dozens of character studies throughout the Bible
  • Theological articles on vital scriptural themes
  • In-text maps and charts
  • Full-color maps in back
  • Red letters for words spoken by Jesus
  • Finest construction
  • A truly beautiful Bible

Second Edition Includes:

  • Over 2,000 updates
  • More articles
  • New cover styles

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EDITION TYPE Standard Edition Standard Edition Limited Edition Custom Edition
LEATHER TYPE Faux Leathersoft Genuine Cowhide Premium Sokoto Goatskin 7 Premium Grade-A Leathers
LEATHER QUALITY ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦
(Handcrafted Edge-lined/Smyth)
RIBBONS 2 2 5 5
ORDER TYPE Stock Item Stock Item Stock Item Custom Order
GUARANTEE* 90 days 90 days 90 days LIFETIME
BASE PRICE** $89.00 $139.00 $239.00 $399–$1,199

*See Guarantee Details
**Base prices are without thumb index or additional custom options.

Contributors Include:

  • Nathaniel Wilson
  • Steven Waldron
  • Johnny King
  • Rick Treece
  • Stephen Allard, Sr.
  • Jennifer Barrett
  • Chelsea Hall
  • C. Myles Young
  • Karissa King
  • Jeremy Wilbanks
  • Paul Baumeister
  • Jesse Galindo
  • Larry Booker
  • Dean Anderson
  • Timothy Massengale
  • Kenneth Bow
  • Adam King
  • Nathaniel Urshan
  • Caleb Adams
  • Kelly Nix
  • Barton Adkins
  • Jerry Rowley

Other Details:

  • 9 pt. scripture text / 8 pt. commentary
  • 2038 pages
  • Bible size (without packaging): 6.5″ x 9.75″ x 1.625″
  • Ribbon marker (1 in leathersoft / 2 in genuine cowhide)
  • Printed by Thomas Nelson (world’s largest Bible publisher)

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.4 × 1.75 in
Author (or © holder)

Apostolic Publishers International





17 reviews for The Premier Study Bible

  1. Michael G Smith (verified owner)

    5 * for the content. Outstanding content.
    2 * for the design concessions made to keep the Bible thinner. For example, the paper is too thin (ghosting is horrible); the font for the notes is too thin, making it tiring to read. Over all readability is uncomfortable.
    I would rather have a thicker Bible that is more comfortable to read and study from for longer periods of time. It would have been thicker, but not too thick to carry.

  2. Bro. JP (verified owner)

    As I received it two days ago, I can honestly say that it has exceeded my already high expectations. In my very extensive Bible collection, this is the by far the best one I have. The content and features are truly top notch and reader friendly. I figured it would be much larger with all its contents, but it is amazingly the perfect size. This is a beautiful work and it is good to see many of the contributors are renowned, anointed teachers, preachers, and pastors I have heard and met during my walk. Thank you so much for efforts. This will be a tremendous blessing to anyone endeavoring to further their knowledge of the Truth.

  3. Rev Mad Dog (verified owner)

    First of all, allow me some clemency to defend my review before I begin. I am an independent Apostolic preacher with no skin in the game. I do not know any of these men personally and I approach this review with no bias. Also, I am a study Bible addict. I own over 40 study Bibles and I actually use them frequently. I will review this Bible honestly and fairly.

    I will say that I greatly appreciate thie vast undertaking of this project. I know the financial, physical and mental pressures were taxing upon all those involved. Thankfully, this project was not rushed and the result makes that evident.

    Now onto the review:

    Quality: 5 stars
    I purchased the black cowhide edition, expecting decent quality. However, when I excitedly opened the box and felt the leather, I thought for a minute that they had given me goatskin by mistake! It is actaully supple and flexible. It opens flat in Genesis 1. There are two thick ribbon markers of perfect length. What really suprised me was the yap. There is a nice sized yap on this Bible. The craftsmanship is superb! Much credit is owed to Thomas Nelson for the quality of this product.

    Text Size: 5 of 5
    For a study Bible, the text size is very readable. While it isn’t Nelson’s comfort print, it is somewhere around 9 point with the notes around 8 or so. The red lettering is the best I’ve seen and the black text is dark. There is some ghosting, but it isn’t unbearable.

    Extra material: 5 of 5
    I counted 25 articles and if my count is right, that is more than double the number contained in the Apostolic Study Bible. There are tons of archaeological notes and a good number of supremely well written character studies. The in text maps are helpful and there is a 150 page concordance in the back. There is even a nice sized subject index. One of the most appreciated features from my standpoint is the 10 page article “In between the Testaments”. I also appreciate the center column references.

    Study notes: 5 of 5
    I haven’t had a lot of time to read through the study notes, but what I’ve read is quite informative. I was thankful that the contributors addressed issues of seperation and holiness. I am also grateful that they defended the King James Bible and the validity of scripture. It is obvious a lot of time and labor and meticulousl effort went into these notes. They stand up in quality and quantity to the rest of my study Bible collection.

    I highly recommend this Bible for its quality, bonus material, text size and study notes, you can’t go wrong with this purchase!

  4. Bishop B. F. Carter, Jr. (verified owner)

    I received the two Leathersoft Bibles that I ordered a day earlier than I expected based upon the shipping/tracking notice. I am thoroughly satisfied with the content and quality of these study Bibles and as soon as possible, I plan to order a couple more as gifts to family members or parishioners. Excellent!

  5. Barry and Jennifer Horton (verified owner)

    WOW! does not even come close to how we feel about this Study Bible. The cowhide feels wonderfully soft. We are only in our late 50’s, which makes the weight of this Bible still comfortable. The lettering and pica of the texts and the notes is easy to read. Much of what we learned in the L.E.A.P. program is in this study Bible. Precise, concise and detailed are very apt descriptions of the articles. The maps are detailed, beautifully illustrated, and easy to follow. We appreciate Bishop Wilson’s introduction and page of recognition for all who participated in this huge and laborious undertaking. Thomas Nelson did a fantastic job with this Bible. Except for some ghosting, I could go on and on about this Bible. I am looking forward when I can purchase one for my personal use as the one we bought is for our home missions church library.

  6. Shane Bateman (verified owner)

    I am beyond overjoyed for this literary treasure. I personally love the feel of this Bible. I like the fact that it is not too large and heavy for a study Bible. That means that I cannot only go deep into study with it, but I can also hold it (jail ministry and no pulpit) and preach from it without it becoming heavy and tiresome. The fact that the commentary explains scripture from a oneness Apostolic perspective is fantastic. I have been using the Holman Study Bible for years and I thank God for it, but I often times read commentary from a trinitarian perspective while using it and that can be disheartening. Nonetheless, I will be shelving my Holman Study Bible because there’s an new sheriff in town! The articles that give a detailed description of important people in history and the Bible are unmatched. The fact that Alexander the Great and the Maccabean Revolt among others have a space in this Bible between the Testaments is AWESOME! The Glorification of Jesus section will definitely help the reader understand the divinity and sovereignty of Jesus Christ! To all of the men that worked tirelessly on this Scriptural masterpiece and to Insignia Books for publication, I give honor to you! God Bless in Jesus Name!

  7. Jaime Harding (verified owner)

    It is worth the wait !! So glad I bought it very excited to have it. Thanks to all those who have invested time in the creation of this .

  8. Benny Dodson ,Pastor

    Double wow, Very happy with my new study bible. I greatly appreciate knowing there is zero trinitarian mindset and commentary anywhere. Have always read commentary with eat the meat spit out the bones mentality but knowing first hand most all the framers I have full confidence it is all meat. Have already found preaching material and inspiration from just reading intro and few comments from book of Jonah. Also I always greatly appreciated Isaiah as a major prophet but never knew or considered some of the detail about him given in the commentary. The commentary gives me more confidence to dive into the scripture of which all is given for inspiration for correction ,instruction into righteousness ,reproof and sound doctrine. Thx much to all for the labor of love.

  9. Tim Cray

    This bible is amazing! This will be my new go to bible for studying. Very impressed and grateful for the dedication of time that went into the development of this bible.

  10. David L. Harn (verified owner)

    Received my Bible sooner than expected in perfect shape. So far I am very impressed with the quality and time taken to make a very fine Bible. Print is easy to read and the minor ghosting is no problem. I appreciate the manageable size. Paper is thin but high quality. Very satisfied and would highly recommend this Bible. Articles I have read so far are very informative and I love that it is APOSTOLIC 100%.

  11. Jack Shaffer

    Just received mine on 01-08-20, I have the burgundy leathersoft.
    Construction is wonderful and the cover is beautiful, very strong stitching on the binding and the Bible lays flat very easily.
    9pt text font, 8pt notes, but very clear and readable, a bit of ghosting, but it is Bible paper, the paper is still thinker than some of my other Bibles.
    The ribbon marker is very nice and strong, the pages are very white, which does create a lot of glare.
    The scholarship is top notch, with loads of well studied and accredited knowledge.
    The concordance section is amazing, with Strong’s and Vine’s references. The topical studies near the back are short, yet very informative.
    In text maps, and available manuscript languages in the notes.
    Fantastic book introductions outlines, and subheadings throughout.
    It has a very good center column reference with cross references.
    A good Apostolic doctrinal layout.
    It does seem to imply a gap theory, women procreating with angels, and seems to justify women preachers, however not in a leadership pastoral type of way, but if a man hands his pulpit over in that way, it’s a handing over of authority.
    Premillennial, dispensational in prophetic view, as I am also, thankfully it doesn’t take the Great Britain, America application of Daniel 7. It does find the rapture in Matthew 24 and Like 17, but many have that position.
    I also like its pre-tribulation rapture view.
    Overall wonderful study Bible.

  12. Alexander Lysyj (verified owner)

    Love this Bible! To me, this is even better than the Thompson-Chain . I greatly express my gratitude to all the One-God ministers who have expended their time, energy, and finances to create this type of Bible! It’s great to read the commentaries knowing that they’re from the Oneness and not from a Trinitarian! I’ll have to confess that my personal Bible reading has been skimpy,( I would go for days and not open my Bible to read and many passages of the KJV are difficult to understand.) Since I made a purchase of this, my personal Bible study has been completely renewed! Reading the commentaries along with the scriptures has GREATLY increased my understanding and love for the Word! Now I don’t go a day without reading this great book. I also made a purchase for my wife and she loves it as well and an extra one for myself. I would recommend that all the Oneness believers should have this Bible!

  13. James Hogsten (verified owner)

    I originally purchased the Bible in the leathersoft because I was not so sure about how the quality would be. I was highly impressed and therefore purchased the genuine leather version!!! I love the way the Bible is laid out and the quality of scholarship that is evident in the notes and the articles. Three items you might consider in future publication.

    1. The weight of the paper: Currently, this Bible’s pages are so thin and ghosting is problematic. I would recommend a minimum of 28-34 GSM

    2. The Bible could also be improved with a more opaque paper which would allow the wording to be more sharp.

    3. The font size is okay….but it would be nicer if it were a tad greater (10-11?). Of course, this might be unnecessary if a more opaque and weighty paper was used.

    Anyway, Wonderful!

    • admin

      Thank you for your feedback. The paper weight and font size were both considered when producing this Bible. The committee was trying to balance keeping it from being too large to carry around without compromising readability.

  14. The Bishop (verified owner)

    After reading all the 5 star ratings I decided to purchase one. When I received it I made a comparison to the Apostolic study Bible and there’s literally no comparison, hands down this study Bible is the one. The cover is the best I’ve ever seen on a Bible, the ghosting isn’t bad enough to complain about, the size is great, and I love the 2 markers. All of the material that is included in it is unprecedented. I have recommended this Bible to everyone I come in contact with. I want to say thank you to the staff that put this together, you did an “OUTSTANDING JOB”. I am just thrilled that it was put together by Apostolic writers filled with Holy Ghost.

  15. cleanindian67 (verified owner)

    Greetings and salutations in Jesus name. WOW, I have used Thompson Chain Bibles, even an Apostolic Study Bible, but until I received my Premier Study Bible I really did not realize much I was missing as far as pertinent Biblical information. The font size is smaller(not by much) but all of the other details which are just too many to list as far as positives more than make up for the size of the font. Since I received it, I have not failed to mention how impressed I am. If I had known what was offered prior to purchasing two other Bibles for study and teaching, as well as preaching. I wouldn’t have purchased the other Bibles offered by other publishers. For anyone serious about Biblical study, THIS IS THE BIBLE THAT YOU WANT. This is the type of resource you want whether you’re a brand new convert or experienced, this meets and exceeds all expectations. GREAT JOB.

  16. Glenn Blanchard (verified owner)

    This is a very high quality study bible, easily one of the best ever. The fonts are well chosen are easy on the eyes and the overall layout is just perfect. I enjoy reading every center column reference and all the commentary. That’s when it shines the most. The one and only thing I do not like is the paper used for the pages. It is ridiculously thin and a bit of a frustrating pain to leaf through. I’d encourage the publishers to make a ‘super study’ version. Two volumes, non-onion skin paper, hardback. These would be awesome tools that would grace any library.

  17. Barbara Riley (verified owner)

    I love everything about my Bible! I particularly love the commentary. I read a page and then I read the commentary. It is like having an old time preacher to explain everything to me. I cherish it. I have found a deeper desire to read the WORD because I can now confidently refer to the commentary when I need more explanation. I.look forward to the day it is available for purchase again. I would love to be notified.

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